Memória az élet későbbi szakaszaiban: tanulás – támogatás – fejlesztés (Magyar nyelvű összefoglaló)

Nemzetközi projekt találkozók / International project meeting:

Kiselőadások / Presentations:

MEMORY in Later Life is a Grundtvig Learning Partnership project of six organizations from Poland, Germany, U.K., Hungary, Greece and Italy aiming to explore various practical memory and mnemonic rules, methods and techniques which might be implemented by teachers and seniors in order to help them perceive and use their memories more positively.

During six international meetings partners, senior learners and teachers will discuss and evaluate the outcomes of memory learning activities carried out locally and will develop plans for further local activities and the ways in which they will be carried out.

Participating organisations:

Coordinator of the project:
Stowarzyszenie Akademia Pełni Życia im. Joanny Boehnert, Kraków, Poland

Frankfurter Verband für Alten- und Behindertenhilfe e.V., Frankfurt, Germany
Association for Education and Ageing, Emsworth, United Kingdom
Tan-Folyam Oktatási és Kulturális Egyesület, Szeged, Hungary
Hellenic Adult Education Association, Athens, Greece
Unione Italiana di Educazione degli Adulti UNIEDA, Rome, Italy